EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer (M class) rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber that has a wide range of applications. The prime property of EPDM is it is an excellent heat, weather, and Ozone resistance. The resistance capacity of the material is also good for polar substances and steam. It is a quality electric insulator. The material has good resistance to ketones, diluted acids and alkaline.

Due to its above mentioned properties, it has been a favorite choice of the engineers dealing with roof covering system. For the last forty years, EPDM has proven its superiority in the roofing industry due to its long service life. The reasons behind this longevity are:

  • EPDM has cyclical membrane low energy resistance
  • EPDM is hail resistant
  • Highly ozone, weather, and abrasion resistant
  • EPDM is flexible under low temperature
  • It is a superb fire and heat resistant material
  • It can bare good amount of thermal shock and has great durability
  • Good ultraviolet radiation resistant

Due to its durability, flexibility and versatility, EPDM can also be used in various applications, such as pond liners or landfill capping. LiteEarth is an advanced synthetic grass and EPDM geomembrane liner designed to be used as an alternative to conventional landfill closure caps. LiteEarth utilizes a 45 mil EPDM geomembrane as part of its landfill capping composite. Test results confirmed that the flexibility of the LiteEarth EPDM geomembrane liner is not compromised by bonding it to the synthetic turf. For landfill covers which may go through a significant amount of differential and total settlement, it is the flexibility of the EPDM geomembrane, characterized by strain or elongation, that is the most important property. The peak wide width and multi-axial strain values showed a behavior typical of a woven geotextile. The break strain of EPDM from wide width and multi-axial tests are similar to or superior to the published results for linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes.

Whether on a roof or a landfill, a covering using EPDM would have to bare heavy winds. Since the EPDM rubber is a very resistant to wind damage, it is considered as one of the great materials in those areas. These rubbers have designed to meet a variety of wind uplift criteria. Now architects and engineers are depending more on EPDM for its practically long lasting performance.

The LiteEarth geomembrane liner can provide extra air space in a landfill capping system. It can also be used as a land management solution for gypsum deposits, coal ash sites and Municipal solid waste sites. This system does not oxidize like thermal plastics. It has 100% better linear dimensional performance than LLDPE and 230% better elongation than LLDPE. It can work well with a large range of temperatures of -45 degree centigrade to 116 degree centigrade. EPDM membrane can be a great base for artificial grass that is in turn a crucial element for land capping. So, by using this you can reduce the infield construction issues.