Fully Tested for
Quality + Performance

Testing by accredited, independent laboratories ensures quality system for long-term durability.

Each of the components of LiteEarth has been separately tested and documented to meet their stated performance requirements as part of the overall system. In addition, the system and the seams have been fully tested according to ASTM standards. LiteEarth is non-toxic and passes hazardous heavy metal requirements.

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LiteEarth Protects

The high tensile strength artificial grass provides sustainable, natural looking cover 365 days a year. A flexible EPDM material conforms to uneven and shifting soil substrate and terrains while the earth anchors keep the system in place. The two are fused together with a liquid applied composite adhesive, creating strong peel and shear strength. This creates an impermeable, puncture-resistant closure that meets strict environmental and landfill requirements.

System Testing

  • Tensile Properties (ASTM D 412, D 4595)
  • Puncture Resistance (ASTM D 4833)
  • Tear Resistance (ASTM D 1004, D 624)
  • Methane Gas Permeability (ASTM D 1434)
  • Seam Strength/Peel and Shear (ASTM D 6392, D 7005)
  • Flume Testing (ASTM D 6460)
  • Water Vapor Transmission (ASTM E 96)
  • UV Resistance (ASTM 4355, D 5035, D 7238, ISO-4892-92)
  • US EPA 9090

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