Study Shows EPDM a Proven Performer

Apr 17, 2013
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A recent study conducted on behalf of the EPDM Roofing Association provides proof of the long-term performance characteristics of 45 mil EPDM.

The study concluded that all of the EPDM systems examined were still performing as intended after 28 to 32 years. Measurements performed include Elongation, Tensile, Thickness XD (Cross Direction), Thickness MD (Machine Direction) and Factory Seam Strength.

This data verifies the long-term performance and durability of EPDM membrane, like that used in LiteEarth. Our system utilizes 45 mil EPDM, permanently adhered to a woven fabric to reinforce dimensional stability and strength.

You can view details of the EPDM Study here.

For more information on LiteEarth, please email or call +1.512.377.1122.


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