LiteEarth Offers Quicker, Better Coal Ash Closure Solution

Jan 26, 2016
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From the synthetic turf and geosynthetics industry there is an effective, efficient and green technology that addresses critical coal ash closure issues.

Traditional soil covers and sand infilled systems require labor intensive installation and upkeep, and can be vulnerable to interface issues and weather-related events that may lead to failure. LiteEarth, an advanced synthetic grass geomembrane liner, replaces multiple capping layers and requires no sand infill – to offer quick installation, easy upkeep, and lasting, impermeable protection.


LiteEarth solves common closure challenges including:

  • Sustaining Vegetation – Synthetic grass offers natural, green aesthetics year round
  • Sand erosion – No sand infill required
  • “Dirt Poor” – Eliminates layers of dirt and soil needed in traditional closure’
  • Installation issues – Monolithic liner replaces multiple layers that minimizes on-site construction and installation issues
  • Price/Value – Lower installation and maintenance costs over time
  • Costly Repair and Maintenance - Surface system easy to visually inspect, test and inexpensively repair. Completed repairs are hard to visually see and continue to keep the system’s impermeability and performance integrity.
  • Slope Failure – No topsoil/soil cap required
  • LongevityTesting by accredited, independent laboratories ensures quality system for long-term durability.
  • PE Thermal Expansion, wrinkling and contraction – Wrinkle and contraction resistance due to better thermal stability
  • CCR Rule and Timetable – Title 40 CFR / Subtitle D Compliant

There is a cleaner, more effective solution for your site, your community and the environment. Please contact LiteEarth for more information on how we can address your site specific coal ash needs or questions.

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Advanced earth capping system for closure of landfills, coal ash sites & more. Exceeds infiltration & erosion requirements for Final Cover per RCRA Subtitle D.

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