LiteEarth Offers “Fresh” and “Natural” Synthetic Turf Options

Mar 3, 2015
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LiteEarth, synthetic grass, synthetic turf, epdmTo meet the aesthetic needs of varying climates and vegetation, LiteEarth offers two product variations—Fresh and Natural.

LiteEarth Fresh features a brighter green shade, ideal for more tropical climates or those with a heavier rainfall.

LiteEarth Natural consists of green and tan blend, to more closely match the natural foliage of colder climates or those with less annual rainfall.

The high-quality synthetic grass is manufactured by leading synthetic turf producer, Act Global. The system features high multi-axial tensile strength, as well as strong tear and puncture resistance properties. It is designed with maximum UV inhibitors for  additional stability and color fastness.

Additional Features:

  • Durable, spined monofilament stands up without infill
  • Synthetic grass blades are firmly secured into primary backing
  • Advanced UV stablizers
  • Green, sustainable natural looking grass year round
  • No sand infill is required = No wind or water erosion


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