LiteEarth Joins American Coal Ash Association

Mar 3, 2015
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LiteEarth, a provider of synthetic grass geomembrane closure systems, is now a proud member of the American Coal Ash Association. Through involvement with the ACAA, LiteEarth will continue to drive innovation and collaboration with leaders in the coal ash industry.

This is a pivotal time for the coal industry, as the first national regulations regarding the disposal of coal ash were issued Dec. 2014 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA ruling details a six-point checklist for coal ash impoundments and landfills, one of which is proper closure of sites that will no longer receive coal ash. The regulations are consistent with RCRA Subtitle D, which governs the disposal of municipal solid waste.

By combining the superior protection properties of EPDM geomembrane, with the aesthetics of synthetic grass, LiteEarth provides clean, safe, long-lasting protection for closing coal ash sites and the surrounding communities. The engineered composite is extensively tested for performance and environmental soundness, and exceeds the infiltration and erosion requirements for a Final Cover as specified by RCRA Subtitle D. EPDM is impermeable and highly puncture-resistant, while the synthetic grass provides natural look all year with no mowing or machine maintenance and overhead.

Geosynthetic materials for years have been widely recognized as an attractive closure and barrier solution. They offer cost-effective, high-performing, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional soil, sand, gravel, and clay, while providing sturdy, long-lasting protection.

Please contact LiteEarth for more information on how we can address your site specific coal ash needs or questions. For further details regarding coal ash closure, see “Geosynthetics for Coal Ash Closure.”

About the American Coal Ash Association

The ACAA’s mission is to advance the management and use of coal combustion products in ways that are environmentally responsible, technically sound, commercially competitive, and supportive of a sustainable global community. The Association hosts educational workshops and symposia, as well as co-hosts the industry’s most prominent event “The World of Coal Ash”.

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Advanced earth capping system for closure of landfills, coal ash sites & more. Exceeds infiltration & erosion requirements for Final Cover per RCRA Subtitle D.

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