LiteEarth completes spectrum of independent testing

Nov 1, 2013
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liteearth, synthetic turf, artficial turf, epdm, earth cover, landfill capping, landfill, coal ashLiteEarth has completed full range of Index, Quality Control, Performance and Design tests for physical and mechanical properties, hydraulic properties, flume testing, durability, seam strength and more.

LiteEarth is an advanced synthetic grass and EPDM geomembrane liner designed to be used as an alternative to conventional landfill closure caps. The LiteEarth composite consists of the following three components, permanently combined into a single composite material:

1) Synthetic Grass with UV stabilized woven geotextile
2) EPDM Geomembrane Liner
3) Advanced Composite Adhesive

Being a single product, monolithic material, LiteEarth offers several advantages, including efficient and economical installation, minimal maintenance, high quality synthetic turf and no erosion concerns.

The performance and durability of the product has been proven through extensive testing by independent laboratories.


Since no soil cover is needed with LiteEarth, it falls within the category of exposed geomembrane covers. However, an important difference is that LiteEarth EPDM is not completely exposed, but is covered with a synthetic grass. As such, the average lifespan of LiteEarth is much longer than geomembrane-only exposed covers.


Testing confirmed that LiteEarth is a robust material with a much greater thickness and mass than geomembranes and even drainage geocomposites alone. An advantage of this robustness is an intrinsic resistance of the material to damage, waves and wind uplift. The high mass of the material, when combined with synthetic grass and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, makes it possible to install LiteEarth in a wrinkle-free state.



Tear and puncture values for LiteEarth composite are much higher than those for the geomembrane and the geotextile alone. Therefore, the primary backing not only supports the grass but also significantly improves the mechanical properties of the product.


Test results confirmed that the flexibility of the geomembrane is not compromised by bonding it to the synthetic turf. For landfill covers which may go through a significant amount of differential and total settlement, it is the flexibility of the geomembrane, characterized by strain or elongation, that is the most important property. The peak wide width and multi-axial strain values showed a behavior typical of a woven geotextile. The break strain of EPDM from wide width and multi-axial tests are similar to or superior to the published results for linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes.




Large-scale flume testing was performed on LiteEarth. No loss of the turf was observed during the tests, and the Manning’s n values obtained confirmed the behavior of LiteEarth as being equivalent to a layer of well-established natural grass.


LiteEarth is seamed using an industrial grade butyl adhesive recommended by the manufacturer. The seaming procedure is very simple and has been used for years in many industries. The result is a strong and durable seam that is impermeable to both water and air.


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Advanced earth capping system for closure of landfills, coal ash sites & more. Exceeds infiltration & erosion requirements for Final Cover per RCRA Subtitle D.

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