LiteEarth achieves excellent flume test results

Nov 1, 2013
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Flume tests prove superior performance for LiteEarth where other systems would erode.

Large-scale flume testing on LiteEarth was performed to:

1) Obtain Manning’s Roughness Coefficient, n;

2) Determine tractive shear stresses; and

3) Assess any loss of turf as a result of the tractive shear stresses.

The test was performed in a 2 ft by 40 ft concrete flume at a 20% slope. The material was tested under the following four water flow depths in the order of increasing severity: 2.3 in, 4.0 in, 6.7 in and 10.7 in. At each depth, the flow was maintained for 30 minutes in order to assess the mechanical integrity of the material.

Test results indicate:

1. Soil erosion would occur if sand was used as an infill material. Since LiteEarth does not utilize any soil infill, the tests did not result in any loss of soil.

2. Since the synthetic grass fibers are connected mechanically to the carrier geotextile, no loss of the turf was observed during the tests.

3. The Manning’s n values obtained confirmed the behavior of LiteEarth as being equivalent to a layer of well-established natural grass.

Each of the components of LiteEarth have been separately tested and documented to meet their stated performance requirements as part of the overall system. Further test results are available upon request.

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Advanced earth capping system for closure of landfills, coal ash sites & more. Exceeds infiltration & erosion requirements for Final Cover per RCRA Subtitle D.

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