LiteEarth is a patent-pending, long-term cover and highly engineered capping system for landfills, coal ash, gypsum deposits Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and land remediation projects.  The closure system permanently combines EPDM membrane and synthetic turf into a long-lasting, environmentally friendly composite.  LiteEarth the only EPDM-synthetic grass composite of its kind and has been fully tested.   For your landfill closure needs LiteEarth provides a highly durable and stable dual-ply, monolithic, EPDM geomembrane and artificial turf composite.

We are specialists at providing solutions for landfill closure, land reclamation, remediation and landfill capping.  We are able to facilitate in the management of erosion control for landfills, capping gypsum, coal ash, mining and MSW sites.  Our capping system utilizes the EPDM membrane liner, adhesive and synthetic grass turf or landscape composite systems.

Advanced synthetic turf closure systems, such as LiteEarth, provide better overall performance, than traditional capping systems.

Look to LiteEarth synthetic grass capping system as the next generation for long-term environmental protection.   It is more durable, cost-effective, and improves the look of landfill sites while providing increased air space and requiring less maintenance.  LiteEarth is non-toxic, passes all hazardous heavy metal requirements and the EPDM and synthetic turf composite capping system looks and feels like natural grass while providing the environmental and visual benefits of a synthetic turf landscape.

Many of the environmental benefits to our landfill capping and landfill closure systems are as follows.  Erosion control protects the landscape, reduced water use and expense and control of toxic waste produced at these sites are benefited utilizing the impermeable membrane combined with the synthetic grass systems.

Landfill, gypsum deposits, coal ash and MSW sites have improved aesthetics with synthetic turf and landscaping cover, operate more efficiently with erosion control and minimal maintenance, and will be protected against hazardous waste utilizing the impermeable membrane.

We are global synthetic turf specialists providing land management solutions in an environmentally conscious manner and would be happy to structure individual land management solutions.   Please consider LiteEarth for your cover, capping and closure system needs and feel free to contact us for more information.