Goesynthetics for Coal Ash Closure

Mar 1, 2015
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LiteEarth_productGeosynthetic materials have been widely used as an impermeable barrier solution, offering efficient, performance-enhancing options for interim and long-term protection. As the opportunities and innovations in geosynthetics are poised to grow, how can we best preserve the surrounding landscape and communities near North American coal facilities using geosynthetics?


LiteEarthLandfill Closure Solutions

LiteEarth Landfill Closure Solutions

The latest EPA coal ash ruling specifies proper closure of CCR impoundments and landfills, per RCRA Subtitle D regulations. By combining the highly durable EPDM geomembrane, with the aesthetics of synthetic grass, LiteEarth provides long-lasting environmental protection for closing coal ash sites and the surrounding communities. The engineered composite is extensively tested for performance as an exposed system, and exceeds the infiltration and erosion requirements for a Final Cover as specified by RCRA Subtitle D thus enabling EPA compliance.

Further, LiteEarth achieves a desirable natural grass look, but with no mowing, machine overhead or machine maintenance costs. In fact, in a recent HDR sponsored webinar “Navigating the CCR Ruling” the firm strongly recommended alternative closure designs specifically utilizing synthetic turf and geomembrane due to minimal maintenance. LiteEarth eliminates the difficulties of mowing on slope and concerns regarding vegetation height.

Visual surface inspection is easy due to exposed composite, and repairs are efficient which maintain the entire closure system’s integrity.  Synthetic grass discourages animals from digging or burrowing and EPDM increases slope, drainage and site stability.  LiteEarth is a comprehensive closure system further eliminating the need for 6 inches of topsoil for vegetation therefore eliminating risk of surface soil erosion. Further, no fertilizer, watering, or pesticides are needed to maintain plant life.

LiteEarth is an advanced, highly engineered system which can address the most critical coal ash closure needs. Please contact LiteEarth for more information on how we may assist.

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Advanced earth capping system for closure of landfills, coal ash sites & more. Exceeds infiltration & erosion requirements for Final Cover per RCRA Subtitle D.

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