An EPDM Geomembrane is a synthetic casing of relatively low penetrability that is commonly used in materials related to geotechnical engineering. EPDM Geomembranes are made of EPDM or elastomer whose primary function is to control fluid or gas migration in a man-made project or system. Here the raw materials include elastomer and different kinds of adhesives like antioxidants, fillers, carbon black, and lubricants. The above mentioned raw materials are then treated to make EPDM membrane sheets of different width and thickness. These sheets are continuous, and relatively thin compared to the traditional polymer sheets.

Properties of EPDM Geomembrane Liner:
The prime feature of EPDM geomembrane is it has extremely good heat and weather resistance. An EPDM Geomembrane is highly compatible with fire repellent materials like ketones, hydraulic fluids, hot and cold water. Also, it is highly resistant to polar substances and steam, and it has good electrical insulating properties.

The properties of EPDM Geomembrane Liner include the followings:

  • Not affected by Leachate as confirmed by EPA 9090A testing
  • Greater puncture resistance than LLDPE
  • Flexible; great elongation and tensile strength.
  • Thermal set and does not oxidize like thermal plastic
  • Impermeable and highly resistant to weathering
  • 100% better linear dimensional performance than LLDPE
  • 230% better multi-axial elongation performance than LLDPE
  • Temperature performance range of -45°C to 116°C

EPDM material is commonly used in radiators, glass-run channels, and in appliances like a hose pipe, tubing, pond liners, washers, electrical insulations, solar panel heat collectors, etc. It is also a common material for roofing and capping systems. Since it is a good water repellent, it can be used to cover a roof in order to protect the damage from rain water.

In a capping system, the primary requirement is to create a barrier between the unwanted materials and the ground or surface level water. Since it is heat and water resistant, EPDM geomembrane liner in LiteEarth creates a very effective barrier that prevents the water and gases from passing through the material.