How long will LiteEarth last?

Extensive weathermometer testing shows that LiteEarth system can last well beyond 50 years. The unexposed EPDM liner lifespan, per GSI ongoing research, is a minimum of 7x its half-life of 36 years or > 250 years.

Will LiteEarth rip or puncture from foot or vehicle traffic?

Not easily. The linear friction of EPDM at .009 coupled with the earth anchors and system weight keeps the system in place. The puncture resistance of LiteEarth at 130 lbs is almost double that of a 60 mil LLDPE geomembrane. The synthetic grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Is a sand ballast required?

No. In fact, long-term maintenance issues are substantially reduced by eliminating wind and water erosion that can be caused by sand infill. Additionally, installation time and costs are greatly reduced.

What type of maintenance is required?

Aside from standard inspections, there is very little maintenance. LiteEarth can be lightly brushed annually for cleaning. LiteEarth maintenance costs < 5% of traditional earth covers.

Will the grass fade?

LiteEarth’s monofilament synthetic grass fibers are UV stabilized with strong resins and inhibitors to keep the grass from fading, breaking down or losing tensile strength. LiteEarth synthetic grass has been tested in the harshest UV environments.

Will the grass fibrillate?

No, it is a single extruded fiber with a spine center, not a slit film.

Will the grass pull out?

Not easily. The grass is mechanically bonded to a carrier geotextile which is then chemically bonded to EPDM, yielding industry acceptable tuft binds that keep the fiber in the composite.

Are different colors of grass available?


Is LiteEarth hard to repair or replace?

No. Small or large repairs are fast and inexpensive. As an exposed system, the repair and/or replacement of LiteEarth is performed in a manner similar to the original installation of seams, using EPDM material, adhesive and pre-manufactured LiteEarth to insert. In fact, completed repairs are hard to visually see and continue to keep the system’s impermeability and performance integrity.

Can traditional earth trenches be used with LiteEarth capping systems?

Yes, but the savings in materials and labor are not as great and the carbon footprint increases.

How thick is the EPDM?

The EPDM is 45mil. It is reinforced with and permanently adhered to a woven fabric on the top of the EPDM to reinforce dimensional stability and strength. The overlapping seams are 90mil in thickness.