The term “Coal Ash” is basically a generic term used to identify various distinct types of byproducts produced when coal is combusted. The waste generated from burning coal can be sorted into three categories namely fly ash, bottom ash and boiler slag. LiteEarth geomembrane liner can properly manage coal combustion waste to meet environmental specifications and regulations.

Who is responsible for creating coal generated waste?

Power plants that provide energy to industrial applications use up a lot of coal to run boilers and generate electricity. Along with the generation of electricity, comes the production of waste materials which is the ash left from burning coal. Other smaller scale plants also use coal to fire up their machineries but the waste they generate may be miniscule compared to that of large scale power plants.

Are there any uses for Coal Ash?

Coal waste, specifically fly ash, can be substituted in the process of making concrete. The usage of fly ash in concrete has been done since the early 1950s.

What is a solution for containing coal combustion residuals?

LiteEarth is an advanced synthetic grass geomembrane liner that offers lasting protection for coal waste sites. The LiteEarth system is a cost-effective, durable and environmentally-friendly long-term capping system which protects against infiltration, soil erosion and wind uplift.