LiteEarth is produced with a 30 year warranty on the impermeable EPDM geomembrane, EPDM adhesive, and synthetic turf system.  LiteEarth is economical and  saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre over 30 years versus comparable closure options for landfill capping, as well as land reclamation, mining closure, gypsum deposits, coal ash closure and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sites.

The LiteEarth capping system provides airspace benefits at full elevation and side slopes due to the composite system not requiring additional soil for completion which is required of traditional capping land management solutions.   LiteEarth generates predictable and clean storm water runoff; no need for down shoots while maintaining erosion control.   The no sand infill design eliminates slope failures, erosion and other issues associated with traditional solutions for landfill cover.  This composite system is a very low maintenance solution and provides a good looking artificial turf landscape.  The artificial turf surface system is easy to visually inspect, test and inexpensively repair.  LiteEarth is environmentally friendly with a carbon footprint up to 80% less than traditional capping or closure methods.

We are global synthetic turf specialists providing land management solutions in an environmentally conscious manner and would be happy to structure individual land management solutions.   Please consider LiteEarth for your cover, capping and closure system needs and feel free to contact us for more information.