The LiteEarth composite system is comprised of an impermeable EPDM geomembrane, EPDM adhesive, and synthetic grass manufactured by Act Global.  While this composite increases air space at landfills the capping system design facilitates in land management solutions such as landfill capping, gypsum deposits, coal ash, and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) sites.

The monolithic liner replaces multiple layers of traditional closure while still providing excellent erosion control and water savings.  The LiteEarth capping system offers greater tensile strength, puncture resistance, and burst strength while providing better multi-axial elongation and thermal stability than traditional cover systems.    Manufactured in an ISO 9001 environment that minimizes infield construction issues.

LiteEarth utilizes premium quality turf direct from one of the largest turf companies in the world- Act Global.  Advanced UV stabilizers 4x more than sports turf which makes the LiteEarth composite system excellent for large land reclamation and remediation sites.  Durable, spined monofilament stand up without any need for sand infill.  This synthetic turf is tested for extreme weather conditions and maintains the quality and appearance despite the exposure of the capping system to the elements.  The EPDM membrane backing provides ideal balance of flexibility  and protection.  The EPDM liner is impermeable to water and highly resistant to weathering since it’s covered by a synthetic grass system.

We are global synthetic turf specialists providing land management solutions in an environmentally conscious manner and would be happy to structure individual land management solutions.   Please consider LiteEarth for your cover, capping and closure system needs and feel free to contact us for more information.